Allison Ucci

Associate | Senior Graphic Designer


  • Ali’s responsibilities include providing design, branding, and project management for internal and externals graphics projects
  • Applies her expertise in concept development, print design, exhibit design, branding, typography, and production
  • Key in SMMA's expansion of graphic design as a client service offering, including signage, wayfinding, and strategic graphic design planning

Honing SMMA’s Visual Identity 

For Ali, the task of refreshing and modernizing the firm’s graphic design strategy offers some exciting challenges.

“Our goal has always been to enhance SMMA’s visual identity, to make it cleaner and better convey the high-caliber creative expertise we provide,” she explains. “We also need the new branding to be simultaneously consistent and flexible.”


“To do this, we've developed a more extensive color palette that enables our team to tailor individual designs to any specific project, as well as updated our type and photo treatment standards,” says Ali. “As with any visual brand, the work will continue once it’s released—we’re going to continuously tweak and hone it. But, overall, this is a huge leap forward.”

Expanding Services

Ali has been an integral part of the Graphic Design Group’s rapid growth from a single designer to a comprehensive client service offering. “This is a very exciting time in our group’s evolution,” she says. “We’ve always envisioned clients turning to SMMA for graphic design the same way they do for architecture, engineering, and interior design. We view ourselves as problem-solvers, and the opportunity to help our clients best communicate their unique stories through visuals is tremendously exciting.”