Amanda Vigneau


Interior Designer


  • Amanda is an interior designer who specializes in higher education and K-12 projects
  • Works closely with the architecture team to develop interior plans—including the layout of rooms, technology integration, and lighting—throughout the design process 
  • Excels at listening and asking clients the right questions to understand specific needs and big-picture goals 
  • Enjoys immersing herself in a school’s unique campus life and culture—and translating what she’s learned into meaningful design 

Success Story

Amanda takes great pride in SMMA’s work renovating and creating two new additions for Winchester High School.

“Like so many projects, this one had some built-in limitations. We had to work with what we had,” Amanda explains. “But I wanted every aspect of every space to feel highly intentional. To achieve this, I learned as much as I could from every member of our team. This project clearly demonstrates the value of SMMA’s integrative services. We all learned from each other, worked together, and achieved all of our priorities—including a beautiful, compelling, and lasting interior design.” 

A Full Life

“My achievements and successes are, in part, due to the support that SMMA gives its employees,” she says. “For a while, I wasn’t sure that it was possible for me to both have the career I wanted and be a good mom. The culture and flexibility here enable me to do this. I’m always present and very focused when I’m at work, allowing me to contribute to projects fully. Best of all: I’m constantly inspired by the smart people I work with at SMMA. We build each other up here.”