Anastasia McVey


Senior Associate | Manager, Interior Design


  • Anastasia’s responsibilities include overseeing interior design projects and renovations, facilitating communications with clients, collecting programming information, organizing documentation, and supervising the construction process
  • As manager of the interior design practice, she staffs projects, mentors and advises individual designers, and fosters a collaborative team that’s continuously learning 
  • Specializes in interior design services for corporate, commercial, and institutional projects 
  • Draws on her over 25 years of experiences in both architecture and interior design

Anastasia McVey

Focus on Trust

Anastasia excels at helping corporate clients discover—and define—their project goals, as well as establishing a friendly and trusting client relationship. “I approach each and every project with an open mind and try to come to the table without any preconceived ideas,” she explains. “This enables me to really listen, get to know them, and understand their perspective.” 

“In the end, it always goes back to trust. Clients need to trust us to be open about design options and decisions. Once this type of client relationship is established, the design—as well as the construction process—is always more dynamic and enjoyable,” says Anastasia. “SMMA’s focus on building trusting relationships is one of the reasons that we have several repeat clients.”    

Well-Rounded Designers 

“So many corporate design projects are run exclusively by interior designers,” Anastasia says. “So it’s vital that we are experts in every stage of the process. My responsibility as manager is to help our interior designers develop well-rounded knowledge, bolster their self-reliance, and encourage collaboration.” 

Anastasia does this by dedicating significant time to mentoring individual designers, encouraging team communication and idea sharing, and promoting work-life balance. “My greatest satisfaction,” she says “is seeing a younger designer make it to the next level of his or her career.”