Brian Kendall

Commissioning Project Lead, Mechanical Engineering


  • Brian is involved in all phases of commissioning projects; his responsibilities include observation reports and equipment set-ups for mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection
  • Excels at developing test scripts, which Brian credits to his supervisor and mentor, Chris Davis
  • Draws on his diligent, hands-on, and positive personality to ensure successful communication, project organization, and strong relationships with clients
  • Firm believer that when you start something, you should finish it

Stow Fire Station and Community Center

Brian enjoys commissioning because he’s challenged in two ways: the field requires him to learn constantly and build strong relationships by communicating. One example of this is his work on the Stow’s fire station.

“I went out to the field frequently,” explains Brian, “and the client asked me lots of questions. Each time, I explained what I knew and then did additional research to fill in any gaps when I visited next. It’s all about building trust and continuity. They were obviously pleased with our work because they subsequently selected SMMA to do similar work on Stow’s police station.

Building Motercycles

In his spare time, Brian enjoys building and fixing motorcycles in his basement workshop. Just like with commissioning work, this hobby involves diagnosing problems, tinkering to find solutions, and learning ways to improve upon a design. “I’m definitely addicted to this,” Brian says. “And working with motorcycles is a fun break from my job, too. I get my hands dirty, and the design is entirely up to me. It clears my head.”