Christopher Plasse

Mechanical Designer


  • Chris is a mechanical designer whose responsibilities include designing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  • Enjoys the fact that there are multiple ways to heat and cool a space, multiple solutions to every problem—and thrives in determining the right design to meet a client’s specific needs
  • Volunteers with SMMA’s ACE mentor program and organizes development meetings for his department

RX Crossroads

One of Chris’s favorite projects was the new warehouse HVAC design for RxCrossroads. Because medicines were to be stored here, the space had to maintain a strict temperature and not deviate more than two degrees. “There was so much going on here,” explains Chris, “including the fact that we had to incorporate heating and cooling units around high shelving. “We were always aware of the risks. And our clients kept reminding us, ‘This is valuable stuff, remember.’”

Chris and the team rose to the task, designed a suitable system, and “the clients were so happy with how everything turned out,” he says, “which is the best part.”

Passion for Live Music

Chris went to, on average, more than five concerts per month in 2017. It’s safe to say that live music is a passion for him. “It keeps my spirits high, clears my head,” explains Chris, “it’s my outlet.” Chris especially enjoys going to concerts with fellow SMMA employees. “I’ve made a lot of good friends here,” he says, “and it’s always fun to do something outside of work.”