Elizabeth Galloway


Senior Associate | Civil Engineer | Sustainable Designer


  • Elizabeth’s responsibilities include energy modeling, daylight modeling, research, and LEED project support 
  • Collaborates with engineering, design, and commissioning teams to ensure a consistent, multidisciplinary approach that maximizes energy efficiency 
  • Excels at analyzing and interpreting raw performance data to draw actionable conclusions 
  • Acts as an internal consultant for the company, offering a big-picture perspective to inform sustainable design decisions 

Greening the Water Use 

Elizabeth feels that her skills are best utilized when she helps clients make systemic changes that save both money and energy. Her water use study of a life science client's campus in Framingham is a highlight for her. “The goal was to reduce water use by 25 percent by 2020,” says Elizabeth. 

“After analyzing all the data, it was clear that the client’s initial plan of replacing fixtures and harvesting rain water would not be enough to meet the goal. Instead, we developed a plan to address the largest source of water use: cooling. This approach was designed to reach the client’s energy reduction goals and align with their long-term organizational plan.” 

Multifaceted Commitment 

“I consider myself a generalist,” Liz says. “I have enough knowledge of the other disciplines to be an effective liaison. I enjoy the process of working with, and getting to know, so many people throughout the company. Together, we can create remarkable, effective sustainable designs.” “My strongest motivation, however, is my two young kids. They give my work a sense of urgency and importance. I want to do all I can for the environment they’ll inherit.”