Jane Quercia


Senior Associate | Director of Human Resources


  • Jane’s responsibilities include benefits and performance management, staff relations, memberships, and corporate and individual licensures
  • Having spent a large portion of her career in the banking industry, Jane brings a precise knowledge of human resources regulations, as well as a structured approach, to her work at SMMA—and she now enjoys working in a more creative atmosphere
  • Draws on her experience and people skills to strengthen SMMA’s firm-wide dedication to flexibility and professional development
  • Uses her outgoing, energetic, and approachable nature to ensure a comfortable, productive workplace in which employees can thrive

Mentoring Program 

Jane is proud of the mentoring initiative she’s grown at SMMA—a loosely structured program whereby any employee can volunteer to mentor another, regardless of experience level. “SMMA assigns protégés to mentors and provides financial support for them to meet outside of work on a regular basis,” explains Jane.

“The program’s fluidity and flexibility is fundamental to its success. It’s powerful to see it strengthen confidence, provide direction, and inspire long-lasting friendships. It’s one of the ways that this company is very good at enabling its employees to learn from one another.”

Empathetic, Caring Culture 

An avid volunteer and mental health advocate, Jane is a strong proponent of an empathetic workplace. “My volunteer work is a constant reminder that one can ever know what another is thinking, what’s going on in their mind or life at that time,” Jane says.

“I try to have a non-judgmental outlook in my work and promote this throughout the company. We’re in an industry that requires constant interaction with many different types of people, after all. When SMMA becomes more empathetic, it becomes more successful—in our accomplishments both in-house and externally.”