Jessica Porter


Interior Designer


  • Jessica provides interior design services for corporate renovations and new construction
  • Coordinates interior and engineering design for all phases of a project
  • Excels at communicating with clients throughout the process, learning their goals to create productive, healthy spaces in which employees enjoy working
  • Builds project success and client confidence with her energetic, efficient, and organized approach

Growing Innovation through Design

One project that stands out for Jessica is the GE Healthcare Life Sciences Northeast Headquarters. “They needed very specific program spaces,” she explains. “We were tasked with not only improving the overall aesthetics, but also promoting innovation and collaboration among the employees.”

To accomplish this, the SMMA team created different “zones” to accommodate different personalities and work styles, increasing the number of collaborative spaces and making break spaces larger and more comfortable. “The design has various architectural elements throughout, with integrated wood elements and finishes,” says Jessica, “making it a much more enjoyable, interesting space to work.”

A Good Fit

“I was drawn to interior design because of the creative, artistic nature of the profession,” says Jessica. “But I also found the technical aspect very interesting. I worked in hospitality design for over five years, which required attention to detail, high design, and intense organization. At SMMA, I value the opportunity to work with a variety of client types, but most of all, I love the process of creating a space that people enjoy being in.”