Julian Osorio

Graphic Designer


  • Julian creates a diverse mix of graphic design work at SMMA, including his designs for print, digital, 2D and 2.5D animation, environmental graphics, and video
  • Draws enjoyment from developing and considering the strategy behind the work, including managing the art direction and brand definition for outside client projects
  • Applies his experience as a university teacher to his interactions with internal and extrenal clients, always taking a holistic approach to the stated need or problem

University Teaching Informs Design Approach

While teaching graphic design at Iowa State University to undergrads, Julian embraced the challenge of introducing and testing new design technology. He was often learning new software programs one day, then working with students on applying the technology on class projects the next. This continual adaptation and integration proved valuable in the classroom, and later the job, where he is adept in assessing and integrating new tools and methods.

His teaching, which included a five-month faculty assignment in Rome, included courses in Typographic Design, Branding & Identity Systems, and Packaging Design

Finding the Point Where Graphic Design and Architecture Intersect

Julian finds working at SMMA to be a rewarding learning experience. He cites the creative exchanges he has with the firm's architects and interior designers.

"Learning how creative pros in another design discipline work and think, and gaining insight into the process they follow, is a great resource for me," he says. "The tangible nature of what they do, and their approach to problem solving, inspires me to consider all options and possibilities in my design projects."


Outside of work, Julian can be found creating in other ways. He writes music and records soundtracks. "A great counterbalance" is how he describes this nine-year dedication, which he says translates to so many other creative outlets. Digital painting is another interest, one that helps him continue to stretch his conceptual skill.