Kate Jessup




  • Kate specializes in providing architectural services for K-12 projects
  • Excels at listening to teachers, students, administrators, and the greater community to understand and integrate goals, opinions, and design aspirations 
  • Drives project success with energetic, community-oriented commitment
  • Builds SMMA’s collaborative culture through her commitment to teamwork, transparency, and responsive approach to her work

Kate Jessup

Design for All 

“I have found my passion in educational design,” says Kate. “It is endlessly interesting, fun, exciting work. Understanding different learning styles and how design can support all students in reaching their potential is a particularly rewarding aspect of my job.” 

“We encourage K-12 stakeholders to think outside the limitations of budgets and design trends—to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas,” she explains. “This lays the foundation for creating the best educational and social spaces for all, no matter their role at the school, learning style, or capability level.”

Teaching, Learning, Growing

Kate is motivated by, and enjoys working with, the variety of knowledge professionals in the firm. “With the K-12 team here at SMMA, everyone has a particular strength or individual specialty,” she says. “Our success lies in our ability to collaborate—teaching and learning from one another—to realize a successful design. As a young architect, being able to work alongside experts who are so open to listening and continuing to grow themselves is something I don’t take for granted. Knowing that my voice will be heard and my individual contributions valued inspires me every day, and is part of what makes this atmosphere so special.”