Kendyl Conway


Associate | Human Resources Manager


  • Kendyl’s responsibilities include benefits, recruiting, and maintaining a high level of employee engagement
  • Driven by the concept of “service above self” when working with employees and prospective employees
  • A former elementary school teacher, Kendyl enjoys bringing her knowledge of learning styles, teaching, and development to the corporate world
  • Draws on her passion for holistic wellness and positive thinking - which she attributes in part to her Californian upbringing 

Employee Wellness and the Zen Zone 

When an employee mentioned that a "calm room" would be beneficial to SMMA employees, she opted to take action right away. "This is something I’m deeply interested in," she explains, "so I put together a 'pop-up' room to gauge interest in a more permanent space." 

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Now the Cambridge office has a dedicated zen zone: a private space—accessible to anyone—with a water feature, bamboo plants, as well as several relaxation tools and activities. 

"When we created the 'Zen zone,' employees not only expressed gratitude that they were heard by us in HR,” she says, “but they also came to see HR as more approachable. This means so much to me." Now, Kendyl is the go-to person for questions about stress relief, meditation, as well as the wealth of resources available to help SMMA employees get and stay healthy.

Enthusiastic Advocate for SMMA

Having worked in a variety of industries and companies, Kendyl sees how unique SMMA is in its commitment to employee well-being and professional growth. Proof? Kendyl cites the tuition reimbursement, excellent benefit package, support for employee health and wellness, mentorship programs, and overall level of happiness. 

"Because this is an integrated firm, employees here receive broad exposure to the different disciplines, which builds more well-rounded, capable, and interested professionals," she explains. "We’re continually recruiting the best and the brightest who help SMMA continue to push our industries forward. It’s an exciting place to be."