Nicholas Perry




  • Nick specializes in public projects, emphasizing community involvement throughout all stages of design
  • Ensures an efficient, flexible and coordinated design and project delivery by encouraging communication between all members of the design team
  • Stays up to date on research and industry trends for advanced building envelope design, performance and detailing strategies
  • Draws on knowledge of data driven applications, such as BIM and Dynamo, to facilitate the design process and communicate detailed solutions to clients 
  • Supports high performing buildings by positioning himself at the intersection between architecture, technology and sustainability

On Community

Having dedicated his career to building public spaces and public projects, Nick feels a sense of responsibility for the communities he serves, viewing design as an opportunity for social enrichment.

"For me, it’s about working on something that has larger meaning than myself,” Nick explains. “Communities invest in their public spaces because those spaces personify their values. I think design means bringing people together through a shared sense of place.”

Listen. Discuss. Design.

 “With schools, it all starts with listening. We listen to teachers, administrators, parents, and students. We develop designs that support their ideas, extracting meaning from every casual conversation. When we put education first, we create schools that become the cornerstones of communities.” 

Sports and SMMA

“I’m a pretty big sports guy and I’ll join whatever team will let me. Volleyball, softball, dodge ball… you name it – playing with SMMAers lets me take the teamwork beyond the projects and gets me involved with the design community.”