Sarah Traniello

Project Coordinator


  • Sarah wears many different hats, providing support on research projects, record keeping, proofreading and graphic design
  • Specializes in InDesign and Photoshop programs for all OPM needs
  • Draws from her art history background, as well as her computer software skills to better assist coworkers and clients
  • Excels at working in a team environment and assessing the needs of clients 

A Memory in the Making

Sarah has always had a passion for art and an eye for design. Even as a child she fondly remembers the paintings around her house and how they eventually led to her majoring in art history. Her interest in art coupled with growing up during the start of computer software production led to a unique ability to combine the two as a project coordinator at SMMA.

“I have a memory from when I was little of my parent’s tenth anniversary. We went to Copley Plaza to celebrate, and while we were waiting I remember my dad taking me outside to look around. He pointed out the Hancock building to me and said ‘when they built this, those big glass panels used to fall out onto the street.’ I was immediately fascinated by how something that big could just fall apart. It really got me inspired to start taking note of the details and buildings around me.”

Combining Work and Play

When she’s not looking up at the buildings around her, or walking around the MFA, Sarah also coaches Special Olympics bocce and bowling. Recently she’s taken up the study of genealogy and is attempting to trace her family lineage.

“I’m trying to trace my family back as far as possible. It really takes a combination of my expertise with computer software, record keeping and research.”