Stephen Salomon


Associate | Mechanical Engineer


  • Steve is a mechanical engineer whose responsibilities include designing heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems for corporate and commercial, academic, and technology projects
  • As a founding member of SMMA’s Energy Modeling Group, provides energy modeling services for LEED certification, CHPS certification, and early design and energy cost-savings analyses
  • Draws on his experience designing energy-efficient mechanical systems, as well as his energetic, curious, and collaborative nature, to ensure project success and client confidence

Stephen Salomon

Energy Modeling Potential

SMMA’s Energy Modeling Group provides sophisticated modeling services, primarily for identifying opportunities to reduce energy costs. “Clients are very aware of energy efficiency and want expertise and assistance in lowering their current and future costs,” explains Steve. “To accomplish this, energy modeling is vital. For example, our work on the EMC Durham Center of Excellence helped the project achieve LEED Gold certification, as well as earn over half a million dollars in utility rebates.”

“At times, energy modeling can be time-consuming work; however, the investment is definitely worth it,” he clarifies. “Our group at SMMA is now focusing on how to make the most out of the tools available and how best to standardize this service. This investment in technology is producing measurable benefits for clients.”

Bringing Work Home

Steve bookends his professional work with a love for do-it-yourself projects. “I have been finding DIY projects to work on around the house my wife and I bought last year,” says Steve. “Most recently, I extended the heating system to include the mudroom and workshop, which my background and work experience definitely helped with. I learned a lot by installing it myself and have a better appreciation for what contractors experience on a daily basis. The best part is that the heat works!”