Steven Stafford


On-Site Project Manager


  • Steve serves as the owner’s on-site manager during construction, overseeing the project contractor, subcontractors, vendors, utility companies, and design team, to ensure that schedule is met and work is performed in compliance with the contract
  • Organizes plans and effectively communicates changes so that all parties have the most up-to-date information
  • Excels at communicating with all teams involved in design and construction, believing that project success and client confidence are benefited when everyone feels they are on the same team
  • Harnesses his years of experience in the field—as well as his positive and teamwork-oriented approach—to solve problems quickly and deliver an enjoyable construction process

Path to SMMA

Before joining in 2015, Steve worked with SMMA on Tewksbury Memorial High School, and was impressed with the firm's level of expertise. “Everyone involved was at the top of their game,” he says. “I compare that project to winning the Super Bowl. It took a tremendous amount of teamwork to get us across the finish line, but the end results speak for themselves—the building and school campus are that beautiful.”

“I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to interact with the SMMA team during this project,” he says, “so I was aware of just how high the bar is here. Coming to the firm was exciting for me because it meant an opportunity to learn from the exceptional talent that SMMA has developed over the years. I strive to learn and improve every day, so this is a good place for me.”

Sharing with Students

“One highlight of the job is when we show students around a site while their new school is being constructed,” says Steve. “They get to see what’s happening in their own backyard—the building that they’ll soon be attending. Many students are fascinated and ask excellent questions. It’s exciting to think that this could potentially be an introduction to their future profession.”