Assessing Options, Guiding Progress

Peebles Elementary School
Bourne, Massachusetts

In 2015, SMMA was selected to provide owner’s project management services for the Town of Bourne’s Peebles Elementary School project. The school, which currently serves approximately 400 children, is dated, as well as increasingly ill-equipped to accommodate modern educational delivery techniques.

The feasibility study analyzed multiple school sizes and grade configurations—including a 250-student kindergarten through grade 4 school, a grades 3-5 school for 460 students, both at the current Peebles site as well as the present Peebles site, as well as the consolidations of two schools into either a 725-student pre-kindergarten through grade four school or an 885-student pre-kindergarten through grade five school, both of which would be located at the current site of the Bournedale Elementary School.

Given the unique topographical considerations involved—with the Cape Cod Canal bisecting the Town, and the Peebles and Bournedale sites located on either side, a significant community-wide engagement process was undertaken to successfully reach the right solution. The solution incorporates a new grades 3-5 school on the Cape side of the canal, and converts the Bourndale Elementary School to a preK-2 school on the north side of the canal. It relocates the fifth grade into an elementary school setting and provides new educational opportunities at Bourne Middle School.

The project is scheduled to complete construction in late fall 2019. The Architect is Flansburgh Architects and the contractor is Brait Builders Corporation.