Future Focused Schools

Future-Focused Schools

SMMA K-12 Studio

Dr. Bill Daggett gave a speech about how our education systems should evolve as technology and the job market have. This involves prioritizing the teaching of “non-cognitive skills,” or values like responsibility, initiative, perseverance, and adaptability.

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Technology Fuels Gen Z. But Can that Energy Be Sustained?

Marie Fitzgerald, IIDA

Just last spring, we dove into strategies to facilitate communication in our most tech-savvy generation. Now, there’s another conversation that still needs to take shape: what to do if Gen Z’s love for tech impedes their desire for work-life balance.

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A New Way to See Cities and Spaces

Michael Kyes, AIA, LEED AP; Andrew Barros

When Apple unveiled the new mobile operating system, iOS 11, SMMA was abuzz about the Maps app, which included brand new features like Indoor Maps and Flyover.

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SMMA Virtual Reality

Real Value in Virtual Environments

Design Technology Group

Virtual reality affords an opportunity to approach and experience projects in ways that are impossible with standard drawings and boards. Once a user puts on a headset, they become immersed in design—not simply as an observer, but as an active participant, able to navigate digital surroundings and develop a real sense of how the built space will perform.

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