Civil Engineering

SMMA’s civil engineers provide deep technical expertise in all aspects of land development projects, including site layout, stormwater management, and utility systems design. Our project approach is informed by a comprehensive understanding of the project's design intent, regulatory climate, and surrounding environmental context. Early concepts examine the impacts of building and parking placement on the ability to “engineer” the systems and reduce impacts to the built environment. 

SMMA's civil engineers have decades of collective experience in designing grading and stormwater management systems for a variety of project types and sizes. Larger projects consider an overall stormwater master plan that maintains natural drainage pathways and discharge points, while allowing for phased development.


Urban projects must balance stormwater discharges with the need for groundwater recharge, as well as the impact on many communities' antiquated combined sewer systems. Our team ensures that grading and stormwater management are optimized for the particular challenges inherent to each individual project site.

Availability and capacity of site utilities to support a proposed development are critical to confirmation of a site’s ability to handle development. Many suburban sites have limited access to municipal water and sewer systems. SMMA has led the design of potable water and wastewater treatment systems for a number of facilities, and has led the permitting efforts necessary to gain authorization to construct such systems.   

SMMA utilizes state-of-the-art software to design, model, and relay the scope of work required to successfully build each project to completion. Our team shares knowledge on current civil engineering trends to ensure that our designs provide the best solution applicable to each project site.


Modern Living, Smart-Growth Development

Our planning and permitting efforts involved the City of Cambridge, neighboring property owners, the MBTA, and the NorthPoint development team. SMMA worked closely with these and other stakeholders’ to coordinate their future developments, as direct abutters to the property. The project included many challenging civil engineering design elements related to utilities, stormwater, earthwork, street extension, and coordination with the future elevated Green Line Extension.

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Transit-Oriented Developments: Defining Convenience

Here, SMMA Principal Brian Lawlor shares his thoughts on where he sees the Transit Oriented Development trend heading in the future, how it’s impacting the Greater Boston Area, and what obstacles developers have to navigate when designing projects of this nature.

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The Center School

Renewal Through Consolidation

The project vacated the K-2 Pompositticut School, constructed as an open plan school in 1973, joining it with grades 3-5 at the original Center School location and thereby providing a single elementary school for the town.

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