Effective engineering design is best realized when practiced as a collaboration. As an integrated design firm, we can attest to the benefits of a broadly composed team. Working across multiple disciplines and sharing information throughout the design process is second nature to our MEP engineers.

Complex Environments

Our team is skilled in the planning, programming, and design of labs, cleanrooms, data centers, and clean manufacturing spaces. A deep knowledge based gained through decades of experience informs our engineering design and aids in our delivery of sustainable outcomes for schools, office environments, and campus facilities.

Creativity and Innovation

At SMMA, we embrace the idea that engineering can be as creative as architecture. Whether designing and testing high-performance building systems or custom-engineering applications unique to a specific user group, we understand how to balance up-front capital costs for building systems with our clients' goals and longer-term needsincluding spatial and aesthetic requirements.

Design for Data Centers

Expert Opinion

The Benefits of Airflow Studies

For data center clients, airflow studies are an excellent means of ensuring that our designs are optimally efficient. They provide an accurate evaluation of proposed and actual effectiveness, both during design and post-construction.

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Data Center Design

Center of Excellence

SMMA provided a flexible and scalable design solution to transform an existing 450,000-square-foot warehouse into a highly-efficient, virtualized showcase, setting the foundation for a sustainable approach to EMC’s journey to the private cloud. The state-of-the-art facility consolidates all regional EMC research, development, and proof-of-concept labs; offers consulting, development, technical services; and showcases EMC and partner solutions.

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Residential Design

Zinc Luxury Residences

Zinc—and Cambridge’s NorthPoint neighborhood, in general—is founding a new trend by intersecting open-space urban living with a wide range of car-free connections. Situated on 2.4 acres, the development serves as an entry point and western anchor of NorthPoint, comprising 528,000 gross square feet across 392 residential units.

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Join Our Team!

We are always looking for talented, motivated individuals who thrive on collaboration and are passionate about design. If you think you'd be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you. Visit our Careers page to check out our open positions.

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