Embodying the Spirit of Collaboration

Not all landscape architects and civil engineers are cut from the same cloth; however, the methodologies employed by each profession when tackling design challenges tend to be somewhat consistent. Landscape architects typically approach site design from a visual and experiential perspective, while civil engineers tend to be problem-solvers, developing solutions in the most efficient, clinically effective way possible. When working in tandem, a team of landscape architects and civil engineers can draw on their inherent strengths to collectively create not only a workable, efficient plan, but a truly holistic and beautiful design.

These days, it is not uncommon for landscape architects and civil engineers to work together on projects of all types. In fact, many traditionally civil-only endeavors now require the involvement of landscape architects. At SMMA, we enjoy the significant benefit of having both professions working side-by-side every day.


This immediacy allows each step in the design process to be more efficient and grounded—the groups are able to confer with each other and make critical decisions on the spot, rather than having to wait for meetings with/returned phone calls from outside consultants. SMMA’s integrated site design team is also highly responsive to ongoing changes in design parameters due to client wishes, municipal rulings, or program fluctuations.

Having landscape architects and civil engineers under the same roof has allowed our team to develop a thoughtful, design-based approach to problem-solving, with the portfolio to back it up. The value added to projects in terms of quality, efficiency, and design impact cannot be overstated.