It Begins With an Idea

Design 'n Gather Mosaic Design Competition

It begins with an idea―a burst of inspiration. As that idea grows, it reacts, ignites, and collides with others, resulting in a web of constantly evolving permutations. From this increasingly complex layering of shapes, new and dynamic patterns emerge, resulting in a network of intertwining connections and paths. This mosaic aims to serve as a visual representation of the ideas catalyzed and fostered by MassChallenge.

From a single spark, the overall composition emerges.


SMMA recently participated in Design ‘N Gather, an annual mosaic competition sponsored by Boston-based tile fabricator/designer Artaic. The rules were simple: Create an original design from a photograph, sketch, painting, or an original work directly in Photoshop that would be used to cover wall space at the offices of MassChallenge, which bills itself as the “largest-ever start-up accelerator” that supports entrepreneurs with no strings attached. Its self-stated mission: Catalyze a start-up renaissance.

We encourage our employees to think beyond their day-to-day roles and take part in design competitions and initiatives that keep their creative juices flowing in ways they may otherwise not. For this specific effort, SMMA’s team comprised several talented graphic and interior designers who worked in harmony to create a dynamic, aesthetically rich composition that captured the catalytic burst of inspiration from which new ideas are born.


Combining the imagination and spatial experience of interior designers and the craft and creativity in a 2D world of graphic designers allowed for intense ideation. Visual inspiration and the drive to evoke the mission of MassChallenge led to a basic two-tone concept that would later expand into three more iterations.

This competition experience served its purpose exactly, teaching us that the process of ideating and translating a mural into a mosaic requires a different mindset. The knowledge we gained from using the appropriate materials and technology has informed our designs for subsequent applications.


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