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Second Life, Bright Future: Atlantic Management’s Eco-Friendly Otis Street Development

In this short film, we tell the story of how SMMA and developers Atlantic Management transformed a vacated...

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Challenging Addition Creates Stunning New Tower at Hood Park

In this short film, SMMA's designers discuss the challenges of designing a "building on top of a building" and...

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New Building Codes Set to Change Local Life Science Market

What you need to know about the latest Massachusetts building and energy regulations.In this Q&A, Adrian Walters...

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4 Questions Life Science Companies Should Ask Before Signing a Lease

In the Boston area, the pandemic-era boom in life science development led to more companies being caught out by code...

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Empty Seats, Forgotten Workspaces—What are the Options?

Recently, many of our corporate clients have been asking the same question:“I have empty seats—what can I do about...

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Why Early Lab Planning Benefits Developers and Life Science Companies

Amid the pandemic-era rush for new laboratory space, many life science companies made a key misjudgment: That any...

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Cafeteria at Cambridge Savings Bank operations center

Health and Wellness Take Center Stage at Cambridge Savings Bank

Designed to enhance the employee experience and strengthen collaboration, CSB’s new operations center earned the...

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How to Think About the Future Workplace

In the first of a new series on the future of the workplace, SMMA’s Jonathan Merin explains how companies should be...

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Free Address Fintech Offices

Learning from Fintech: The Importance of Choice

The rise of the information age has allowed for the simultaneous rise of fintech, a flourishing sector that uses...

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