Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects at SMMA approach each project as a creative process of exploration and problem-solving to design beautiful, meaningful, and pragmatic spaces.

Our goal is to help clients achieve their ambitions with designs that integrate natural and man-made systems in context with their surroundings, as well as embody each site’s unique essence of place.


We develop clear and coherent designs for each diverse project, striving to enrich the daily lives of its users. From dense urban development to suburban corporate facilities to educational institutions, SMMA’s designs celebrate the inherent characteristics of each site. Our vision is both near and far—realizing that designs must solve immediate aesthetic and functional needs in the short term, but also remain relevant and cohesive in the long term, as plantings mature and come into their own.

Outdoor Classrooms

Nurture Through Nature

Educators and designers alike are in constant search of the perfect learning environment, and outdoor learning spaces are the next educational frontier. With modern society becoming increasingly tech-driven, simply “getting back to nature” can be paramount to a child’s creativity, cognition, and overall health.

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Bancroft Elementary School

Cohesiveness, Identity, and Safety

The confluence of education and play is evident throughout the newly designed site at the Bancroft Elementary School. Interventions include numerous fields and courts, a hidden deck nestled in the woods, and bronze animal and insect castings located throughout the site waiting to be discovered.

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Analog Devices

Shared Values, Shared Success

In addition to the broad array of engineering and design services provided to Analog Devices over the years, SMMA has also assisted the client in expanding and master-planning its campus.

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