SMMA Fund Awards Four Scholarships to High Schoolers

In the spirit of supporting and guiding new talent and the next generation of designers, SMMA created the SMMA Fund. With a substantial portion of our practice dedicated to learning environments—both K-12 and Higher Ed—this is just one of numerous initiatives that allow us to give back to the communities on which live and practice every day. With the SMMA Fund, we are committed to providing real tangible assistance to worthy high school students who intend to pursue studies in architecture and engineering.

We are pleased to announce that in May we awarded four college scholarships to some gifted and deserving students. This is the third series of scholarships since the 401(c)3 fund was established. This year’s recipients, and their schools and intended majors are:

  • Ysabel Espinal, Lynn Classical High School—Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Engineering
  • Jacob Margolis, Bedford High School—Syracuse University; Architecture
  • Kean Nam Goh, Quincy High School—Wentworth Institute of Technology; Architecture
  • Anne Green, Bedford High School—Pratt Institute; Architecture

Kean Nam Goh sent SMMA a letter after receiving the scholarship:

“I cannot express my gratitude. I will use my actions to prove that this scholarship is deserved…This scholarship gives me confidence and encouragement to achieve my dreams. I really appreciate your belief in my dream. Thank you! Thank you so much!