Merin Earns International PMP Credential

Jonathan Merin, PMP

Jonathan Merin, SMMA Project Manager, recently earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential, a certification recognized internationally for project management expertise. Established in 1984, the certification demonstrates mastery of the comprehensive skill-set and knowledge needed to ensure successful projects. Registered against ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management systems, the PMP provides a third-party level authority for the exam’s rigor and credence.

Jonathan’s decided to pursue his PMP because he saw its focus on process as a client value-add. Much of his 17 years of project management experience is based in the financial, technology, bio-tech, and pharmaceutical industries, including projects for over fifteen Fortune 500 clients. Successful completion of these high risk, high profile projects relies on superior project management, prompting Jonathan to pursue a certification that focused on risk, quality, communication and cost, among other core knowledge areas.

“The PMP integrates what I recognize as essential priorities for project management; these priorities have been the drivers in my career and have helped me deliver successful projects. Continuing to develop these skills was a clear path forward.”


Marie Fitzgerald, SMMA’s Director of Interior Design, expressed her congratulations over Jonathan’s choice to pursue his PMP. “Jonathan is a wealth of knowledge and is always an asset on complex projects. He constantly puts the client first and places a premium on process, so the PMP accreditation just makes sense for him.”

Jonathan has managed various corporate and technology projects for clients including State Street and Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.