Pardek named to Lyceum Fellowship Competition Committee

Two months after the release of their 2018 competition program, the Lyceum Fellowship added Michael Pardek, a Senior Associate and Architect at SMMA, to its short list of rotating committee members. During his seven years with the firm, Pardek has worked on a variety of corporate and institutional projects, leveraging his skills in 3D computer modeling and advanced imaging software. As a committee member, Pardek will use his expertise when serving on the 2018 competition jury, selecting a program author for the 2020 competition, and advising all 2020 Lyceum winners post-competition.

“It’s nice to have some continuity and connection with SMMA,” explains Mark Spaulding, SMMA Director of Design and Lyceum board member. “In Mike’s instance, he has a set of sensibilities that works with the program. In a competition like this, you want people who think about how architecture affects your life in all different ways.”


Members nominated both to the competition committee and the board itself are chosen based on their architectural background and its application to the practice and precision that the design competition values. What helps set the Fellowship apart from other design competitions is its ability to connect top-notch authors and architects with aspiring students.

“For me, as a designer, the traveling is a bonus, should you happen to win,” Pardek said. “As a young designer, you are really always looking for avenues to test your skills and produce something.”


John McKee, Lyceum founder and SMMA founding partner, established the Fellowship as a non-profit in 1985 to inspire the next generation of designers through a design competition. Lyceum offers a $12,000 first-place prize to be used for four months of travel abroad, with second and third-place winners receiving $7,500 for two months abroad, and $3,500 for one month abroad, respectively.