SMMA Introduces New Integrated Internship Program

SMMA Introduces New Integrated Internship Program

This past August, SMMA wrapped up its very first Integrated Internship program, a result of the firm’s commitment to the development of junior talent looking to enter the A/E industry. The program, led by SMMA’s emerging leaders, was designed to ensure that interns would have a fully integrated experience; it thrived in direct alignment with SMMA’s holistic and interdisciplinary approach.

“We had 12 interns from 7 different disciplines,” says Samantha Farrell, Landscape Architect and Integrated Internship co-organizer. “The diversity in their areas of study, combined with their large class size, encouraged a unique sense of community within their class - the sentiment prompted many opportunities to freely engage with their peers and co-workers on all levels of the firm. We noticed that this sense of community also fed the interns’ drive, curiosity, and creativity, thus enhancing productivity for the rest of the office.”

"Being in an office with so many creative professionals in various disciplines exposed me to the complexity of the design process," remarks Maeve Kelly, intern and Interior Design student at Endicott College. "The program allowed me to gain knowledge and insight by witnessing and participating in the collaborative process."

The Integrated Internship pilot incorporated a strategic structure that SMMA will be able to cultivate as the program grows; interns participated in everything from monthly themes with their projects and departments, to shadowing the other disciplines within the firm. The program concluded after 3 months with a final collaboration project, which fostered individual and group leadership, project ownership, and presentation skills.

“The interns brought incredible passion and energy to the office for the summer that left me inspired, and reminded me why I love design,” says fellow co-organizer and Architect, Nicholas Perry.

Looking towards the future, SMMA is excited to recommence the Integrated Internship next summer and to continue working alongside the design leaders of tomorrow.