Sopelak Earns WELL Accreditation

Sarah Sopelak has passed the WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) exam, thus designating herself as SMMA’s resident WELL expert. Her achievement indicates prowess in the WELL Building Standard TM, and a commitment to “advancing health and wellness in the buildings and communities” in which she works.

“Sarah has always been extremely proactive about sustainability practices and making the workplace healthier,” said Marie Fitzgerald, Principal and Senior Vice President. “She’s an early adopter who shares her passions with everyone. She was who you knew should take the exam because she genuinely cares about wellness.”

Sopelak, who is currently working on a number of projects for financial services client JP Morgan, will utilize her new knowledge by advising the firm on design projects and strategies. She will also continue to promote maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of work, as she remains an active member of SMMA’s softball and volleyball teams.

When asked about taking the exam itself, Sopelak remarked: “It’s a huge commitment. I studied for three months and there was a lot of memorization. However, the reward outweighed the stress and it was an emotional day once I discovered that I had passed.”

“As an integrated firm, SMMA finds it very important to continue to have expertise in-house,” Fitzgerald stated. “I knew that despite the work it would take, Sarah would pass the exam with a smile on her face. We are so proud of her, and this accomplishment truly elevates our mission.”