Kristen Olsen Receives ALEP Accredidation

SMMA's Kristen Olsen Receives ALEP Accredidation

Kristen Olsen, AIA, MCPPO, recently earned her Accredited Learning Environments Planner (ALEP) designation, a credential certifying her expertise as an educational facility planner. The ALEP credential was developed by the Association for Learning Environments (A4LE), distinguishing the individuals who receive the accreditation as having “achieved the highest qualification in our profession.”

To achieve her ALEP, Olsen participated in and successfully completed the A4LE Advanced Academy. “It’s an intense, year-long collaborative program for educators, planners and design professionals studying the advancement of learning environments for children,” says Phil Poinelli, SMMA’s first ALEP, who also serves on the A4LE Board of Directors. “We are pleased to acknowledge Kristen's insight and experience, and her achievement advances SMMA’s position as leaders in the profession of Educational Planning.”

Olsen has enjoyed being part of the firm’s K-12 Studio since joining SMMA three years ago. Her close work with Poinelli and interest in deepening her knowledge base and skillset on K-12 projects ultimately inspired her to enroll in the Academy. As she explains:

“I work with Superintendents and teachers on a near daily basis. My experience in K-12 education was not only different because it was over 20 years ago, but also different because I attended a German school. This course helped me better understand how we can create next generation learning spaces for students and teachers today!”