SMMA Welcomes Lab Planner Natasha Pirman

Natasha Pirman

SMMA is proud to announce that Natasha Pirman, Ph.D., has joined the firm. Dr. Pirman will help lead the firm’s laboratory planning efforts, assisting clients primarily within SMMA’s Science and Technology Studio. Her background in biochemistry and firsthand experience working in various research laboratories, coupled with her recent experience in architecture, has provided her with a unique perspective and ability to plan and design state-of-the-art research environments.  

“I have devoted my career to helping other scientists do their work in the most optimized and efficient ways possible,” Pirman said.

“I enjoy liaising between the scientists and the design team to create the best spaces possible. As a lab planner, I connect with the researchers differently as a member of the design team since I used to be one.”

Pirman’s background includes four years of lab work with MilliporeSigma, where she was the lead application scientist for the company’s protein and nucleic acid purification portfolio. Prior to working with MilliporeSigma, Pirman spent four years as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate, first at Baylor College of Medicine, and later at the Yale School of Medicine, conducting breast cancer research and studying kidney disease, respectively.

“As our Science and Technology practice takes on ever changing boundaries of flexibility and technology, we jumped at the chance to incorporate Natasha’s particularly unique set of skills into our practice,” said Adrian Walters, Director of SMMA’s Life Science Studio.

“Natasha’s scientific background allows for a deeper understanding of the scientific method, how to communicate with our scientific clients, and interesting ways the architecture can support ‘lean’ lab design principles into our lab planning efforts.”

Pirman studied chemistry at Lee University as an undergraduate and received a Doctorate in Philosophy in Biochemistry from the University of Florida.