SMMA’s Nick Koulbanis Featured on Bartholomewtown Podcast

SMMA’s Nick Koulbanis Featured on Bartholomewtown Podcast

Earlier this month, SMMA’s Nick Koulbanis, Director of Higher Education Studio, sat down with Providence’s Bill Bartholomew, musician, reporter, and talk radio host. On the esteemed Bartholomewtown: RI podcast, which highlights local politicians and influencers, the pair discusses critical issues facing Rhode Island through the lens of architecture and design.

The conversation covers everything from moving the Rhode Island market forward to the Cambridge to Rhode Island pipeline.

“You need a risk taker, you need the people that are going to come out and see the vision in the place. If you looked at Kendall Square 20 years ago, no one would have gone there. You need a collective group of like-minded companies, and they will build around each other […] it’s the campus feel, it’s the exchange of ideas, the proximity to the universities […] and I expect development to continue pretty strongly in the next few years.”

Make sure you tune in to listen to the entire Bartholomewtown: RI podcast here.



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