Abby Carroll

Interior Designer


  • Abby is well-versed in the development of spatial layouts, technical drawings, finish and furniture selection, and construction administration
  • Offers versatility in creating and developing design concepts, completing construction drawing sets, coordinating client presentations, and working in teams
  • Responsible for ensuring that all the building systems are integrated within the design
  • Teaches emerging professionals; has been an adjunct professor at local colleges and universities for over 5 years


In her role, Abby understands it’s all about the details. “My role is about 10% initial design and 90% coordination and implementing the design,” she explains. “It’s the small details that make a big impact, like how different materials come together or how the flooring flows from room to room. My job is to make my client’s life as easy as possible and to make the end-user excited about their new space within the restraints of budget, timing, site, etc. I make sure we’re designing the spaces that clients actually want to live and work in – without the hassle.”

Well-Designed Spaces

“I’ve always believed that the way a space is designed impacts how you act in it. We spend so much of our life in the office. Well-designed spaces can be inspiring, welcoming, and calming, whereas poorly designed spaces can have the opposite effect. I love that as a designer, I have the ability to affect how someone’s day goes, how they interact with coworkers, how productive they are, and how comfortable they are. It’s a very powerful position to be in.”


Abby shares her passion for meaningful design with the next generation of industry professionals, as she currently teaches Advanced CAD Applications and CAD Detailing and Construction at UMass Dartmouth. Her classroom is one of practicality – she makes sure to discuss lessons she wishes she had learned while she attended school. In fact, she attributes much of her success to her love for teaching: “Teaching makes me a better SMMA employee and being an SMMA employee makes me a better teacher.”