Adrian Walters


Life Science Market Leader


  • Adrian is responsible for leading a dedicated team through the firm's Life Science projects

  • Applies his architectural and scientific expertise towards lab planning and design, outreach, and thought leadership within the firm

  • Provides a balanced and holistic vision for each initiative, particularly paying attention to long-term goals for both the team and the client

  • Focuses on making client labs more sustainable

Institutional Flexibility

One of Adrian's core responsibilities is not just supporting the research behind each lab, but also the flexibility of those institutions. Though the needs of the science are extremely important, losing sight of the big picture can be harmful to the project’s precision and accuracy. Experts must strike a balance with the space provided to measure short-term deliverables alongside the overall strategic plan, and to meet each objective for both the client and SMMA’s practice.

“The building becomes an ecosystem that ebbs and changes over time; you must set up a framework to support it as it inevitably adapts, so it maintains its purpose and sustainability without being wasteful.”


After initially working as an urban planner, Adrian’s exposure to the design and construction of science education and research facilities in the mid-90’s drove him to pursue how architecture can respond to the requirements of complicated science programs. He has since wanted to make those experiences more meaningful for both the clients and the end-user by becoming a sounding board for all involved parties. Through increased conversation and interaction with engineers, translating ramifications early on, and maintaining key relationships, Adrian assists clients in putting each piece together to create buildings that are both coherent and harmonious.