Aimee Schefano


Senior Interior Designer


  • Aimee provides interior design services for corporate renovation and new construction projects
  • Coordinates client communication; liaises with engineering, design, and construction teams; and manages documentation  
  • Draws on her background designing K-12 facilities and daycare centers to offer innovative ideas for vibrant professional spaces
  • Promotes collaborative design and work processes, with the belief that continuous learning is key to professional development

Digging Deeper

Aimee studied philosophy in college, and she finds that the critical-thinking skills she honed during that time are crucial for initiating conversations with clients—determining their goals for a space and working to realize a design that will achieve their goals for years to come.

“Often, clients have only a surface-level understanding of what they want," says Aimee. "It’s our job to help them go deeper. Sometimes I use word association exercises or other activities to get clients to think about their vision in a way that goes beyond trends. It’s a big negotiation, yet an enjoyable one.”  

Focusing on Leadership

Aimee is on the board of the International Interior Design Association’s New England Chapter as the Vice President of Advocacy. “Our primary focus is educating the public about our role within the industry,” she explains. “Interior designers do so much more than finishes and details. We’re also pushing for legislation for interior design licensure. It’s a fun project, rallying the grassroots of the profession.”