Alan De Haan


Senior Associate | Senior Project Architect


  • Alan leads multidisciplinary teams throughout all project phases, from schematic design to construction completion 
  • Ensures effective delivery of clients' aesthetic and design vision, as well as compliance to codes, program requirements, budget, and schedule 
  • Applies his extensive experience as a design architect for a variety of different projects and building types, including K-12, higher education, and government work
  • Selects teams that align with a project’s specific objectives and promote a cohesive, integrated design process 
  • Mentors junior architects by focusing on skill development, offering challenging projects, evaluating the many different ways to solve design challenges, and extending a big-picture perspective to design goals and the construction process

Alan De Haan

Armed Forces Reserve Center

“As long as there’s a challenge, I enjoy the work. I see a unique success story in each and every project,” says Alan. There’s one story that is particularly compelling for him: SMMA’s design and construction of a six-building campus for the Army Reserve and Vermont National Guard in White River Junction

“We designed the campus to be reminiscent of a historic farm, drawing on the rural setting. The central training building’s design was inspired by New England-style barns; the exposed trusses and view of the nearby pond make it a functional, enjoyable space. After completion, the government noted this project as raising the bar for future facilities. We demonstrated that it’s possible to deliver elevated, thoughtful design on a constrained budget.” 

Lifelong Interest in Construction and Design   

“I spent many summers working for my father, an independent flooring contractor,” says Alan. “But I was always more interested in the construction aspect of these projects, than the flooring. I found myself constantly drawing up house plans. My father suggested that I study architecture, effectively planting the seed.” 

“Later, I had the amazing opportunity to work with a carpenter in my hometown. He was the person who everyone respected and hired when they needed something done well and done right. From him, I learned it was possible to combine my interests in aesthetics with quality construction.” 



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