Alexander Masi


Chief Electrical Engineer


  • Alex is an electrical commissioning specialist, primarily focusing on mission critical and technology projects
  • Excels at articulating complex technical details to clients, providing flexible solutions that achieve their goals, and adapting strategies as needed
  • Enjoys the challenges of modernizing existing-building electrical systems and infrastructures to maximize power, meet current codes, lower energy costs, and satisfy clients’ specific needs and budget goals
  • Contributes to SMMA’s Standards and Design Technology Committees; helps make firm-wide technology improvements as the Revit lead for the Electrical Engineering Department

Passion for Research

Alex enjoyed working on EMC Corporation’s Center of Excellence, a 300,000-square-foot renovation that included a data center, electronic lab, and office space. “This was an exciting challenge to take on because we needed to incorporate a very high degree of flexibility into the design,” explains Alex.

He diligently examined and explored multiple design options, and also reviewed projected future needs that the clients had not considered. “Taking the time to do this makes the design and construction processes much more fruitful—and the end product better,” he says. “Our commissioning work afterward was also invaluable. We made adjustments to ensure that everything worked the way we intended. We learned so much throughout this process, and because of the phased construction approach, we were able to apply these changes in real-time.”


An avid traveler, Alex loves examining interesting architecture and lighting design throughout the world.

“It helps me gain perspective and bring a high level of creativity to my daily work,” he says. “I just returned from Peru, where I saw a remarkable design using two mirrors that formed a U-shape to help distribute light throughout a space. You store these inspirations for a future application with a client.”