Alla Balashova


Electrical Designer


  • Alla’s responsibilities include evaluations, survey work—including site observation and preparation of narrative reports—electrical system design, due diligence reports, and team coordination, primarily for commercial and industrial projects
  • Electrical design experience includes load calculations; sizing and selection of equipment; and power, lighting, and fire alarm systems
  • Excels at complex, electrically intense designs with multiple power requirements
  • Draws on her detail-oriented, considered, and approachable demeanor to ensure project success and foster strong professional relationships

Creative Process

“I enjoy my job because there’s always a challenge and a problem to solve,” explains Alla. “Because SMMA is an integrated firm, we work especially hard to create efficient electrical systems that will not only meet client needs and code requirements, but also be as aesthetically pleasing as possible."

"This process requires creativity and can be very exciting when we have the opportunity to add value for the client. The best part of the job, however, is when the project is complete and I can step inside. I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping the team complete it—it’s personally fulfilling.”

Combining Travel and Engineering Inspiration

Alla enjoys traveling, and she has visited many places throughout the world to view art and learn about different cultures. “My family and I went to Scandinavia this past summer—there’s nothing like traveling to clear my mind and refresh my outlook on work,” she says. “I also enjoy studying the lighting designs at different places in my travels. The variations and designs of these systems are always inspirational and give me ideas about how to use various lighting types for different applications on my own projects”.