Allison Ucci

Manager, Graphic Design


  • Ali’s responsibilities include management and art direction for both internal and external graphics projects
  • She leads graphic design as a client service offering. Her scope includes strategic graphic design planning across many mediums, such as environmental graphic design, marketing and communications materials, brand identity, and UI/UX design
  • She applies her expertise towards concept development, design execution, and production to client projects and SMMA brand and promotional efforts

Vivifying Client Experiences

Ali has been an integral part of graphic design's rapid growth from a single designer to a comprehensive client service offering.

“We've been watching the role of graphic design grow with our clients for the last few years," she explains. "We take full advantage of SMMA's integrated approach and work with project team members across various disciplines to solve unique problems around client storytelling. It's all about bringing their message to life, whether it be through their space, on screen, or on paper."


It has been a very exciting time for graphic design, as clients can now turn to SMMA for the discipline in the same way that they do for architecture, engineering, and interior design. For a truly integrated approach, SMMA's various departments utilize extensive client space walkthroughs to align the audience experience with the client's mission and physical environment.

The SMMA Brand

Through the creation of print and digital materials such as website design, project assets, and data visualizations/informational graphics, Ali has been able to support SMMA's storytelling and promotional efforts while lending her expertise to the firm's marketing professionals. The task of refreshing and modernizing SMMA's internal graphic design strategy continues to offer some exciting challenges as she tries to advance and evolve the SMMA brand.

"Our goal has always been to enhance SMMA's visual identity, to make it cleaner and to better convey the high-caliber creative expertise we provide," Ali says. "We also need our branding to continue to evolve and remain simultaneously consistent and flexible so that we can adapt our process year after year."