Alyssa Tompkins

Interior Designer


  • Alyssa works alongside clients throughout the design process and focuses on programming, spatial layouts, finish and furniture selection, and more
  • Creates and develops design concepts, completes construction drawing sets, coordinates client presentations, and collaborates across teams
  • Ensures that all projects meet and exceed client expectations

Merging Art with Science

“It’s very important for me to be able to design something that I know the client is going to love, that will function for what they want, and that will be enjoyed on a daily basis.”


Alyssa’s enthusiasm for her job began at an early age. “Growing up, I was surrounded by my dad who is a woodworker at a lumber mill,” she explains. “My parents did all of our home renovations by themselves. My mom was constantly refinishing the house and working on the layout for her new dream kitchen. They fostered my love for crafting. I was already very artistic growing up – I liked to paint and took art and ceramic classes – so when I found the Interior Design program in college, it really cemented things for me. It was the perfect combination of the more scientific, code, and programmatic-driven side and the artistic, crafting side of the industry.”

A Natural Teacher

Alyssa’s love for her job also encompasses teaching. “I have my MFA in Interior Design,” she says. “When I was still in school, I was a peer tutor for Interior Design and other classes. While there, I found out that I had a knack for explaining complex concepts and making them visual and easy to understand. I really enjoyed helping people learn, so when I graduated in 2010 I decided to go right into grad school to get that MFA. I began teaching immediately: I taught Revit, CAD, Adobe Suite, and Interior Design classes at both the graduate and undergraduate level at Endicott College and Mount Ida College, which is now UMass Dartmouth.”