Andrew Elliott


Manager, Landscape Architecture


  • Andrew is a senior landscape architect at SMMA and leads the firm's Landscape Architecture team. 
  • Shares his knowledge and experience in site planning and design, environmental impact evaluations, planting design, construction documentation, and project management 
  • Excels at asking clients the necessary questions to understand their goals 
  • Enjoys the challenges of developing designs that integrate smoothly with existing landscapes, and finding opportunities to capitalize on extant site features to enhance the final product
  • Draws on his thoughtful, inquisitive, and team-oriented nature to promote collaboration and productivity 

Simple, Beautiful Solutions 

Andrew’s work on the Hendricken Track and Field project provided a much-needed amenity for Providence College. In collaboration with an athletic facilities design consultant, he designed a new synthetic turf field surrounded by a 6-lane track, in the center of the campus.

“It took some thought to create the right design to blend this large athletic facility into the heart of the academic campus,” says Andrew. “The brick and granite seat walls, lush planting beds, and generous pedestrian paths on the edges of the field achieve the look the client desired. It’s a major asset for the university—and now it’s a true campus destination.”

Community Involvement  

In addition to his work with SMMA, Andrew volunteers as an active member of Allston Village Main Streets’ Design Committee. “I enjoy participating in the improvement of my neighborhood and providing pro bono design assistance,” he says. “And working so closely with people who aren’t in our industry has been fun and refreshing. I find that I’ve become better at connecting with and communicating design ideas to clients because of my involvement.”