Andrew Oldeman


Senior Vice President | Director of Engineering


  • Andy leads strategy, oversight, and project execution for the firm’s integrated engineering practice

  • Works with SMMA clients on engineering design for technology, life science, corporate & commercial, K-12, and campus environments

  • Provides input and ideas for achieving maximum energy efficiency and sustainable solutions 

  • Applies his 25 years of experience as a mechanical engineer to produce benchmark and best practices data through systems evaluation, life-cycle cost analysis, and energy modeling 

  • Partners with architects, owners and construction managers to deliver facilities ready to operate efficiently and designed for long-term performance 

Design Thinking

“On every project, we work hard to find the most efficient and creative way to achieve what clients need. It’s a team process," says Andy. "While we offer a lot of design and technical expertise, the project succeeds in my view when we listen to the owner and learn all we can about achieving their goals. Big projects often turn on small details, so an open and honest dialogue is essential. The entire SMMA team can then work together to see not only what is obvious or expected, but to imagine what isn’t there and explore new ideas and solutions.”

“Big projects often turn on small details, so an open and honest dialogue is essential.”

"It's Not Rocket Science"

Andy started his engineering career with the Re-Entry Systems Division of General Electric, working with an integrated team solving the challenges inherent with spacecraft successfully re-entering earth’s atmosphere. As described by space pioneer Theodore von Kármán, some of the most significant milestones in aerospace were accomplished by the engineers working in this Division. In 2007, the Philadelphia facility of the Re-Entry Systems Division was designated as a historic aerospace site. This experience entitles Andy to use the phrase “it's not rocket science” whenever the mood strikes.