Anthony Jimenez


Electrical Engineer


  • Anthony focuses on electrical distribution, electrical layouts, lighting layouts, lighting controls, fire alarm systems, and communications systems
  • Collaborates with colleagues across the firm to determine lighting preferences, spatial recommendations, and other electrical needs
  • Conducts photometrics for site and interior lighting to determine efficient lighting usage
  • Serves as an integrated system testing agent for the SMMA Commissioning team; tests and verifies that MEP equipment operates and functions as specified
  • Specializes in Revit: modifies, creates, and implements standards for the Electrical Engineering department

Refining the Details

Coordination and honesty are extremely important to Anthony’s workflow. “For a building to be functional and for the owner to be happy, everything needs to work and to work how they expect it,” says Anthony. “In terms of detailing and defining a sequence of operations, you need to meet and talk it through with the clients and with your team to understand expectations so you can design towards that goal.”

His approach towards his interactions is simple: transparency.

“Just be honest. I like to be well-educated on the product that I’m presenting to clients, so I can tell them what it can and cannot do. Guiding clients with thoughtful recommendations goes a long way. It’s not their job to understand all the small details, it’s mine… So I put forth the best informed options that I can provide.”

A Broader Influence

Anthony’s passion for engineering started in college, after he attended an informative session called Engineering Wednesday which introduced him to all the different disciplines in the field. This natural curiosity and will to learn has continued to grow, and is influenced by the world around him in his everyday life:

“I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Central America, and I’m going to South America soon. When I’m away, I observe the architecture and different lighting designs and schemes. I also do this at home; even when I go to restaurants, it’s the first thing I do. You can look at numbers all day, but seeing it actually executed gives you so much more information. You learn the differences between even distribution, hot spots, accessibility, and all the little things that really make a big difference on the user end.”