Antone Dias

CS, Associate AIA

On-Site Project Manager


  • Tony provides construction administration and owner’s project management (OPM) services for construction and renovation projects across all architecture studios
  • As an OPM, Tony represents the client throughout the entire project, ensuring that all design, budget, and schedule goals are achieved
  • Develops and hones SMMA’s OPM standards and processes
  • Maintains an extensive knowledge of building codes

Focus on Relationships

Throughout the entire project, Tony focuses on building strong relationships with the people that he works alongside. “I feel that I’m representing the firm, not only when I’m working with clients, but also when dealing with contractors,” he says. “We aim to deliver a lot: a building that’s completed on time and on budget, that is up to code, and that achieves all design goals—as well as a great end-user experience.”

“I am always looking to make the process better for the client,” he explains. “It’s also crucial to work well with contractors. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, so I have a deep understanding of what they do. This helps us collaborate more effectively, and makes it feel like we’re working hand-in-hand toward a common goal.”