Benjamin Abbett

Interior Designer


  • Benjamin uses his background in multi-sector interiors projects to work with our Corporate & Commercial studio on all phases of the design process, from conception to construction administration
  • He produces CDs, finish selection, and design presentations while maintaining close communication with clients to gather feedback and align project goals
  • Specializes in project ideation and conceptual work; ensures that the space will effectively and creatively embody the client’s identity and branding

Custom Solutions

“One of the most important aspects of my job is working with the client to both understand their goals and to implement their vision in the most effective way,” Benjamin explains. “As designers, we need to do things efficiently and creatively. Anyone can fit people and furniture into a floor plate, but it really takes projects to a whole new level to be able to dip into our multidisciplinary culture and knowledge-base and execute technical and aesthetic goals using a specialized, tailored strategy. We want to have our client’s personalities reflected in every product they get.”

Benjamin also understands that his role requires transparent communication and realistic expectations. “Clearly presenting solutions develops the trust and confidence that we are providing our clients with the best value at every step. It’s about giving clients the most for their budgets and making them continuously feel supported throughout the entire process.”

Tangible Results

Benjamin’s interests in Interior Design started from a young age. “I believe I was seven,” he recalls. “My mother subscribed to Architectural Digest and growing up I always had friends whose parents were into construction and similar disciplines. Once college came around, I realized I didn’t want to be an architect. I gravitated towards the faster project timelines typically found in interiors work — this meant that I could run through a project cycle from creation to completion, including lessons-learned, and be able to do it all again right after.”

He remains drawn to the intimacy of Interior Design. “I love working on the environments that people sit on, touch, and engage with — where people live their lives. My goal is to improve people’s life quality with every project.”