Benjamin Williams

Architectural Designer


  • Ben works at SMMA’s Providence office, providing design services, supervising construction, and growing client relationships
  • Specializes in K-12 and higher education projects
  • Excels at working closely with school boards, administrators, communities, and the Rhode Island Department of Education to deliver successful projects
  • Brings a creative, community-oriented method to his design work and project management

Educational Experiences

Since joining SMMA, Ben has been immersed in educational design projects. “I’ve learned a lot very quickly about the Rhode Island reimbursement process and working with school districts,” he explains. “I take a great deal of pride in these projects because they help create healthier, more vibrant communities.”

One particular project of note for Ben is SMMA’s facilities master plan of the East Providence School District. “There were a few impediments the team encountered, but we worked through them to deliver several value-add spaces for the client,” Benjamin says. “These included a university-level chemistry lab, a renovated cosmetology lab, a commercial kitchen, and a lecture hall. This project helped elevate the District’s offerings, and the community really rallied around these improvements.”

Creative Roots

Originally from the Midwest, Ben came to Rhode Island to pursue graduate studies at RISD.

“My creativity takes a different form now than when I was in grad school. But I find this career endlessly interesting; there’s always something to learn. There’s also a great deal of creativity in the process, including the interpersonal relationships, not just the design aspect,” he explains. “I enjoy working in this city because I’m connected with the school and art community here. My friends and I support one another in our creative ventures.”