Brett Wilkinson


Manager, Structural Engineering


  • Brett provides structural engineering services for new construction and renovation projects across a broad range of building types 
  • Excels at working closely with architects and designers to understand—and achieve—the aesthetic vision from a functionality standpoint 
  • Analyzes structures, performance, and loads using 3D-modeling technology; promotes the use of this technology to enhance company-wide idea sharing, collaboration, and coordination 
  • Continues to study and research trends and best practices in structural design and problem-solving for clients

Exposing the Structure

“When it comes to structural engineering,” says Brett, “our greatest design achievements are often invisible, hidden in the walls and ceilings. Our work at Grafton High School was different—there was a lot of exposed structure and open space.” Opened in 2012, this building was designed to be extremely flexible, grow with the community, and promote contemporary, interdisciplinary, student-centric learning.

“It took a lot of coordination with the architecture and interiors team to determine which structural elements to hide and which to leave exposed, and how,” he explains. “I particularly enjoyed working with our architecture and interiors teams to create the 'learning pods' and large common spaces—and watching a very unique school come together.” 

A Valued Teammate 

Brett competed in the 2004 Olympics as a member of the U.S. National Rowing, and brings his diligent, team-oriented approach to his work. “In rowing, just as with each and every project I've been a part of with SMMA,” he says, “it’s about working together and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of not only yourself, but also your teammates. Ultimately, we measure our progress individually, but the team accomplishments are what we celebrate. We’re always learning from each other and determining what we can improve on the next project.”