Carlos Charry

Director of Technology


  • Oversees IT support team that ensures SMMA’s technology is always operating optimally 
  • As Director of Technology, Carlos has implemented several new technology programs, platforms, and systems since starting at SMMA, including AutoCAD and BIM
  • Applies his 20 years of experience to promote integrated, cohesive information technology solutions
  • Founded the Design Technology Group, which helps SMMA’s individual teams tailor technology use for maximum efficiency 
  • Facilitates and fosters a culture of change, continuous learning, and technological aptitude

Technology Changes 

When Carlos joined SMMA 20 years ago, “half the employees didn’t have a computer, which seems strange now, but was actually normal for the time and industry. I feel that I’ve grown up here with SMMA and with all the different phases of the technology we have moved through.” 

Carlos explains, “SMMA invested in technology back then—very early on—and we’re still early adopters. It’s a constant race to keep up.”


Throughout all the changes and updates, Carlos and his team have focused on a few key areas: information technology support to keep everything up and running, design technology to harness programs and platforms for each department’s and team’s specific needs, and training. “We need all of these elements for technology to increase profitability and efficiency.” 

Focus on Next Generation 

“One of our IT’s important initiatives is empowering younger employees,” says Carlos. “This is vital for all areas of SMMA, but especially for technology. Recent grads are invaluable because they've been freshly trained in the latest programs and technologies.” To harness this knowledge, they need to learn the business and feel comfortable voicing their ideas. That’s why Carlos and his team make an effort to “bring younger employees to the table and make sure they feel encouraged to collaborate.”

“Thankfully,” says Carlos, “I have a very capable team.” How good are they? “I went to the World Cup in Brazil for a few weeks and they didn’t know I left.”