Christine Fleming

Director of Human Resources


  • Christine leads the firm’s strategic initiatives with a focus on employee engagement, talent management, and career development.

  • Oversees SMMA's efforts to attract, engage, and celebrate employees while fostering an environment of inclusion and belonging.

  • Places talent and people at the heart of SMMA’s future strategic planning, guiding employees through the next chapter of the firm's growth.

A Passion for People

Christine brings over 15 years’ experience in HR management for professional service firms, creative agencies, and high-growth companies in Massachusetts. "Growing up, I really liked to write, so I majored in English with a minor in communications. My first job out of college was at a publishing company, but the position was in human resources. That’s where I found my true calling, which was the people.”

In her previous role, Christine led HR strategy for SMMA client Cramer, a creative marketing agency. "At Cramer I loved the creativity and passion that people had for their craft, and it’s something SMMA also has in abundance.."

"I know lots of people that aren't excited to go to work. But I've been fortunate to be working in HR during a time where the focus of the role has transitioned so much. It went from something very tactical and service-focused to being a real business partner and supporting people to be their best selves at work. And I love that I get to be the person to help drive that at SMMA."