Crystal Kittredge


Senior Associate | Senior Interior Designer


  • Crystal harnesses her extensive experience as the lead interior designer for the workplace corporate technology projects
  • Responsible for coordinating clients, design teams, and consultants, ensuring that designs adhere to corporate standards and achieve organizational vision 
  • Researches latest developments in sustainable materials, systems, and wellness strategies
  • Draws on her creative, driven, and people-oriented nature to deliver successful project designs, enhance client relationships, and strengthen SMMA’s interior design practice

Crystal Kittredge

Client Relationship Commitment

CVS Health wanted and needed a full-service firm they could rely on for all project needs in several different types of corporate office spaces,” she explains. “SMMA’s multidisciplinary, integrated approach fit well for the client.” 

Recently, she led the design of an office space for a Fortune 500 Client.

“I knew that they wanted a more contemporary space that inspired idea sharing, a space that promoted dialogue and innovation,” she says. “But, more specifically, the business objective we needed to achieve was to design a space where these experts would be encouraged to produce the next level of digital technology.”


While completing her master's thesis research on the effect of interior design on employee engagement, creativity, and well-being in Fortune 500 clients, she interviewed several employees from a recent project. "In their old space, employees predominantly worked at their desks, individually," she explains. "They told me that their newly renovated space not only ramped up collaboration and creative discussions, but also made their life at work more enjoyable and productive."