David Fanuele


Project Architect


  • Dave is a project architect with extensive experience on academic, institutional, and healthcare projects; his responsibilities include overseeing all phases of the design process, with a specific focus on construction administration 
  • As the chair of SMMA’s Construction Administration Committee and member of the Quality Steering Committee, Dave raises awareness about constructability issues, and improves construction documentation, processes, and standards  
  • Serves as day-to-day contact for construction administration questions and issues   
  • Thrives at ensuring design ideas are buildable and that drawings are interpreted correctly by all team members 
  • Known for his approachable, dedicated, and practical demeanor—as well for restoring a 1975 BMW

Focus on Relationships 

Dave stresses the importance of strong working relationships with contractors and subcontractors from the very start of a project. “I strive to demonstrate that I am a problem solver and an invested team member that shares their intent—to deliver a succesful project,” he explains. 

“Not only do I enjoy learning from contractors and seeing how they work to build our design, I also find that gaining their trust makes the process smoother for everyone. We establish a partnership where we’re working toward the same goals.” 


“I love being out in the trenches, seeing how things are built, and solving problems on the fly,” says Dave. “I’ve been very fortunate to spend a lot of time on the sites and learn firsthand."

To address this, the CA Committee has created an office-wide standards manual, a resource for employees with limited construction administration experience. He’s also using a more light-hearted approach to keep constructability top of mind: the “What Is It?” series on SMMA in-house knowledge-sharing platform, The HUB. “I post photos of construction materials, tools, and conditions—a simple metal stud, a complex plumbing fitting, etc.—and employees guess what it is. It inspires conversation and more educated drawings. There’s been a lot of positive feedback.”